Calm a Mama has lovingly created another product that works with your body, and not against it. Because Mother (Earth) knows best. Our sleep drops with hemp oil are gentle and effective, they are also sweet delicious and don't leave a nasty taste of oil on your tongue. Easy to take and assimilate into your system.

If you struggle with things like the inability to settle down and fall asleepchanging time zonestravelsleep disruption, then try these drops.

What's in it?

Sleep Drops feature Hemp Oil mixed with our original blend of water-based extract of Chamomile with scentless flower essences of Motherwort, Lavender and Lemon Balm.


Hemp Oil 50 mg
Organic Chamomile Water Extract 0.025 ml*
Organic Flower Extract Blend 0.005 ml*
Organic Fresh Motherwort flower extract (1:6000)
Organic Fresh Lemon Balm flower extract(1:6000)
Organic Fresh Lavender flower extract (1:6000)

Does not contain: Dairy, Soy, Stevia, Synthetic ingredients

*Please note that a flower extris scentless and odorless and therefore distinct from an essential oil.
This product is not for children and is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Sleep Drops With Hemp Oil - Natural Sleep Aid Tincture (15 Ml)

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